stymied again on port dependent on texlive: lcdf-typetools

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> My point is that I don't know whether I want lcdf-typetools to use
> kpathsea or not! That's what I don't find documented.

In general, MacPorts doesn't try to duplicate the original documentation.
 But in this case said documentation is not entirely clear....

That said, I think all you lose without kpathsea is the -a option to
otftotfm; the font metrics are created in the current directory and you
have to copy them to where your TeX distribution expects them, instead of
it using kpathsea to find the right place to copy them itself.  (kpathsea
does not do font manipulation; it simply reports various configured paths
and/or searches for fonts/formats/other TeX-related configuration according
to those paths.)  The manpage at ways you can tell
otftotfm where to install stuff yourself, if
you prefer.

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