Mongo ... where did it go?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sun Jun 17 15:05:11 PDT 2012

On Jun 17, 2012, at 16:48, jeff at wrote:

> Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> Are you using the old php5 / php5-mongo ports or the new php53 / php53-mongo ports? Either should work, but it's good to know which we should look at.
> Good question. I see, both? port installed shows:
> php5 @5.3.10_0+apache2
> php5 @5.3.12_0+apache2 (active)
> php5-gd @5.3.10_0 (active)
> php5-mbstring @5.3.10_0 (active)
> php5-mcrypt @5.3.10_0 (active)
> php5-mysql @5.3.10_0+mysqlnd (active)
> php5-zip @5.3.10_0 (active)
> php53 @5.3.14_0+libedit (active)
> php53-mongo @1.2.10_1 (active) 

Sounds to me like you are still using the old php5 port, but have not installed php5-mongo; you've installed php53-mongo but are not using it.

I suggest you either switch to using the php53 port, or install the php5-mongo port. Either way, you should remove the mongo.ini file you manually created; MacPorts creates the necessary ini files for you automatically.

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