xmms from ports uses Disk Writer Plugin for audio output?

Jim Graham spooky130u at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 20:38:15 PDT 2012

Ummmm, why is xmms, built using defaults from ports (current version as
of this morning), trying to use "Disk Writer Plugin 1.2.11 for its AUDIO
output plugin?

It won't even let me change it.  Funny thing, too:  it's not playing any
music.  WTFO?  Any suggesions regarding how to get xmms working?

And xmms (having used it before on Linux and FreeBSD) was (so far) my
last, best hope for an MP3 player that would read m3u playlists (much
to my surprise, winamp, packaged as a dmg, would not!).


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