py27-igraph (to 0.6.0) upgrade failed

Wu Degang samuelandjw at
Tue Jun 19 08:01:36 PDT 2012


I'm using Lion on my macbook pro. Recently when I upgraded py27-igraph 
to 0.6.0, I got the following error message: (I will skip those 
apparently irrelevant part)

:info:build running build_ext
:info:build building 'igraph._igraph' extension
:info:build creating build/temp.macosx-10.7-x86_64-2.7
:info:build creating build/temp.macosx-10.7-x86_64-2.7/src
:info:build /usr/bin/clang -DNDEBUG -g -fwrapv -O3 -Wall 
-Wstrict-prototypes -arch x86_64 -I/opt/local/include/igraph/igraph 
-I../../build/include -I../../include -I/opt/local 
-c src/arpackobject.c -o 
:info:build In file included from src/arpackobject.c:23:
:info:build src/arpackobject.h:27:10: fatal error: 'igraph_arpack.h' 
file not found
:info:build #include <igraph_arpack.h>
:info:build          ^
:info:build 1 error generated.
:info:build error: command '/usr/bin/clang' failed with exit status 1
:info:build Command failed:  cd 
--no-user-cfg build
:info:build Exit code: 1
:error:build for port py27-igraph returned: command 
execution failed
:debug:build Error code: CHILDSTATUS 39475 1
:debug:build Backtrace: command execution failed
     while executing
"system -nice 0 $fullcmdstring"
     ("eval" body line 1)
     invoked from within
"eval system $notty $nice \$fullcmdstring"
     invoked from within
"command_exec build"
     (procedure "portbuild::build_main" line 8)
     invoked from within
"$procedure $targetname"
:info:build Warning: targets not executed for py27-igraph: 
org.macports.install org.macports.destroot
:notice:build Please see the log file for port py27-igraph for details:

Wu Degang

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