FTP and WordPress in mac ports environment

Bill Christensen billc_lists at greenbuilder.com
Mon Jun 25 23:11:10 PDT 2012

On 6/14/12 1:28 PM, Rainer Müller wrote:
> On 2012-06-14 19:54, Érico wrote:
>> And my environment is the following :
>> apache2 @2.2.22_2+preforkmpm (active)
>> php5 @5.3.12_0+apache2 (active)
>> wordpress @3.2.1_0 (active)
>> Do I need to set something for SSH on it ?
>> As I said nothing works with FTP ... I mean , plugin install, plugin updates,
>> themes install, wordpress upgrade , etc ...
> I don't think you are running a FTP server, are you? At least you did not
> mention which FTP server you would be using or how you configured it...
> However, I guess you don't want to operate a FTP server at all and rather should
> set the FS_METHOD in your wp-config.php to 'direct'. This selects a mode in
> which files are manipulated directly without relying on a FTP connection.
Doesn't the FS_METHOD  = direct setting open you up to huge security 
holes?  So says the codex...

I would love to be able to have one-click updating on all of my 50+ 
wordpress installs, but I'm not willing to chance the security 
problems.   If someone has a better way, I'd love to hear it.  The only 
thing I've ever gotten out of the WordPress forums is "it's a server 
thing".  Despite my already having stated that I'm running the dang server.

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