Ogre fails to compile due to using wrong path, any easy way to correct it in my end?

Sérgio Lopes knitter.is at gmail.com
Fri May 18 09:27:04 PDT 2012


I'm trying to compile Ogre but the process is failing while trying to 
execute the pbxcp command since it is looking in the wrong (old) 
directory. I have XCode 4.3.2 and framework paths changed from 
"/Developer/" to "/Applications/Xcode.app/".

I've found that I may work around the problem by changing the path in 
"visualization_common/ogre/Makefile" [1], but I don't know how to do it 
using macports. Can I just locate the files that macports downloaded and 
change those restarting the installation process? Or is there any other 
thing I need to do?

Also, should I create a ticket for this issue under ogre port?


Sérgio Lopes

[1] - 

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