[99316] trunk/dports/emulators/virtualbox

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Sun Nov 4 02:09:46 PST 2012

On Nov 4, 2012, at 03:54, Andrea D'Amore wrote:

> On Thu, Nov 1, 2012 at 2:49 AM,  <royliu at macports.org> wrote:
>> Revision 99316 Author royliu at macports.org Date 2012-10-31 18:49:04 -0700
>> (Wed, 31 Oct 2012)
>> Log Message
>> virtualbox: update to 4.2.4
>> Modified Paths
>> trunk/dports/emulators/virtualbox/Portfile
>> trunk/dports/emulators/virtualbox/files/patch-apple-gcc42.diff
>> trunk/dports/emulators/virtualbox/files/patch-build.diff
> This update broke VirtualBox on my 10.7 system with XC 4.5.1, now for
> every vm I get:
> Failed to open a session for the virtual machine Arch.
> Failed to load VMMR0.r0 (VERR_GENERAL_FAILURE).
> Result Code: NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005)
> Component: Console
> Interface: IConsole {db7ab4ca-2a3f-4183-9243-c1208da92392}
> Before filing a ticket I'd like to hear from anyone using VBox to see
> if their setup works, that is if it's just an issue of mine or not.

I'm not using VirtualBox, but I know the port has a startupitem, and even a kernel extension. So just one thing I'd double-check: have you stopped the old startupitem and started the new one? I'm not sure how the startupitem interacts with the kernel extension, so I might even try restarting the whole machine, just to make sure the current version of the kernel extension is loaded.

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