gimp palettes inaccessible

Jeremy Lavergne jeremy at
Sat Nov 10 11:33:53 PST 2012

> I just updated everything this morning.  Any ideas?

This assumes the previous install didn't have these problems.

You may still have the previous gimp installation still, but not active: I'd see if it is in the list of non-active packages (check output of `port installed gimp`). If so, you can simply deactivate the current one and use the fully-qualified name+version+variants of the old package to switch back to it. For example, with git-core on my system:

$ port installed git-core
The following ports are currently installed:
  git-core @1.8.0_0+bash_completion+credential_osxkeychain+doc+pcre+python27 (active)
  git-core @1.8.0_0+credential_osxkeychain+doc+pcre+python27

To switch to the other install of git-core (they just happen to be the same version number here) I'd do this:
$ sudo port deactivate git-core @1.8.0_0+bash_completion+credential_osxkeychain+doc+pcre+python27
$ sudo port activate git-core @1.8.0_0+credential_osxkeychain+doc+pcre+python27

I see there are lots of other gimp packages but I'm unfamiliar with what all packages are required to use gimp, so you might need to list several packages instead of just one.

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