any way to use OS 10.3.9?

David Rowe drowe at
Sun Nov 11 13:25:07 PST 2012

On 09/11/2012 01:18, David Prager Branner wrote:
> I have OS 10.3.9 on an old iBook, with Xcode v. 1.5 installed. No 
> higher versions of the OS can be installed on this hardware.

Have you checked out XPostFacto 4? - see
This allows you to install Tiger on some early Macintosh systems 
includin g "Early iBooks (no Firewire)" even though Apple says you can't 
- I used it very successfully on a G3 beige minitower. It is open source.

It works by taking some drivers from Panther and fixing the Tiger 
installer so the old drivers get included in the Tiger install. This can 
be done because although most of MacOS is proprietary, the Darwin kernel 
is open source.

Good luck.

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