Default Postgres Password

Stephen Rasku macports at
Wed Nov 28 20:02:42 PST 2012

On Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 9:00 AM, Daniel J. Luke <dluke at> wrote:
> On Nov 25, 2012, at 5:12 PM, Stephen Rasku <macports at> wrote:
>> I did "sudo psql90" and it still asked me for a password:
>> $ sudo psql90
>> Password:
>> psql90: FATAL:  password authentication failed for user "root"
>> $ sudo psql90 -U postgres
>> Password for user postgres:
>> psql90: FATAL:  password authentication failed for user "postgres"
> ... probably because you told it to (hint: check your pg_hba.conf file). You can also set up a ~/.pgpass file if you want to be able to psql (as any postgres user) without typing the password. I believe the default pg_hba.conf file is set up to allow access without any password.

I edited pg_hba.conf to "trust" local connections.  After I did that,
I was able to set the password to something I knew and I could
configure remote connections to use the password.



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