filezilla and wxWidgets on Lion

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Thu Oct 4 03:32:53 PDT 2012

On 4.10.2012, at 13.02, Degang Wu <samuelandjw at> wrote:

> wxWidgets cannot be built on Lion, so one of the dependencies of filezilla cannot be fulfilled on Lion. wxWidgets-devel is fine, but there is no variant of filezilla that use wxWidgets-devel. How to build filezilla on Lion? 

it could perhaps be a good idea to make a ticket requesting filezilla maintainer to add that variant (there is now already, in place of wxWidgets-devel, the port wxWidgets30 that is now of the same version, 2.9.4, as the -devel, but as the next stable release is coming soonish, let's hope so, we already anticipate that, also this -devel version is supposed to be of good quality, so perhaps the filezilla could be made to depend on that).

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