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As a follow-up to this discussion, I looked a little bit at possibilities of using a launchd job to try to bypass the fact that kbuildsycoca is not run as it should on mac. A solution I found (attached) is to create a job which monitors changes on ${prefix}/bin, so that the kde cache would be refreshed each time a port providing executables is installed/uninstalled. 

The idea I had would be: 
1. Add this file at installation of the port kdelibs4, in which the ${prefix} and applications_dir variables could be taken care of. 
2. Add an instruction to the user that he should run the command
    launchctl load -w /Library/LaunchAgents/org.macports.kdecache.plist
   As there is already a note concerning the job for dbus, it would just be a matter of editing it. 

I am aware that this approach does not necessarily solve the issues with multiple users, but it would at least cover the case of single users. Of course, if there are ideas or suggestions to improve this, I am fully open to them. 



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On Sep 21, 2012, at 8:10 PM, Jamie Paul Griffin <jamie at> wrote:

> [ MK-MacPorts at wrote on Fri 21.Sep'12 at  8:23:02 +0200 ]
>>> So please, Macports developers, let's be positive about this.
>>> I won't even start investigating further if the response is likely to be "headache"
>>> and PITA.
>> Thanks, Ian, for your dedication!
>> I am very happy you are PRO keeping KDE alive on MacPorts!
>> The matter of fact is that I am mainly active here on MacPorts in order to keep KMyMoney up and running, because it's my favorite finance application - back from Linux times! Although I could run it on a virtual Linux I prefer to have it natively on my Mac.
>> So, don't take my PITA comment too serious. ;-)
>> Greets, Marko
> Yes likewise. It wasn't my intention to knock anyone for wanting to pursue with
> getting these things working on the Mac platform, it's just I personally
> have not had a great experience with KDE generally, on any platform. 
> The work that you and others put into the development of these
> applications is commendable. I was merely thinking and writing out loud.
> I'm sorry if I put across a negative message, and on re-reading my post
> I guess I did. So sorry about that. 
> Personally, I'll stick with my simple UNIX window environments, and the
> OS X Aqua desktop (naturally). 
> Best wishes, and good luck :-)
> Jamie
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