Why does Macports reinstall already available software?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Tue Oct 9 07:29:58 PDT 2012

On Oct 9, 2012, at 09:05, Jakob van Bethlehem <jsvanbethlehem at gmail.com> wrote:

> So, if I may, a little follow-up then. I got into this business since it looked like an easy way to install eric4. And indeed it worked like a charm. But suppose I wanted to give eric5 a try. Using MacPorts I can easily install python 3.3, but eric5 I'll have to build manually. That's oke, but what is the recommended location to put such packages? Like said, usually I'd create a /usr/local/stow tree and use stow to manage it, but it seems that is not recommended with MacPorts anymore?

You can use any prefix that is not /usr/local. /usr/local/something, for example, would be an acceptable prefix. So would /opt/whatever. So would $HOME/somewhere.

Even better: write a portfile for eric5 and submit it to us! Perhaps the eric4 portfile can serve as a starting point.

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