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On Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 2:09 PM, Phil Oertel <phillipao at> wrote:

> I'm installing gimp and I see gnome-keyring getting installed, and I say
> "wtf?" Is there a simple way to find out

why? My original interest in actually finding out why is somewhat
> superseded now by my new interest in how to query the ports dependency
> graph. I'm hoping there's a simple graph query tool, ideally built into the
> port

"man port" is quite informative.  "port rdeps portname" gives you the
dependency tree (doesn't really understand general graphs, it assumes
simple DAGs) for "portname"; it won't produce e.g. "dot" input for you,

In this case, the dependency appears to be


(which makes me think gimp is a metaport, so start at gimp2...)

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