MariaDB vs MySQL for Wordpress CMS

Phil Dobbin phildobbin at
Sun Oct 21 20:29:57 PDT 2012

Markus Neuenschwander wrote:

> Hi
> MacPorts includes both MariaDB and MySQL. For a new web project with
> WordPress blog (1000 visitors / day) I need to decide between MySQL and
> MariaDB. I don't need official support. I googled and found old articles
> (weeks after buyout from Oracle) and biased info from AskMonty
> KnowledgeBase.
> What do you think? Did MySQL loose popularity in web projects (after new
> owner Oracle)? Do you know numbers about installation base?

I've never used MariaDB but if you're used to MySQL, I'd be tempted to
stick to MySQL 5.5.

MariaDB isn't in the repos for Fedora 17 or Ubuntu 12.10 (didn't bother
checking CentOS or Debian: if they ain't in Fedora or Ubuntu, I doubt
it's in CentOS or Debian) so it's can't be that prevalent yet so while
MariaDB may be the upstream of MySQL nowadays, it'll be a while before
the pure volume of help available for it gets anywhere near matching
what's on offer freely for MySQL.

And besides, if it's a straight drop-in replacement™, you can always
cross that bridge when you come to it.

Just my two bob.



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