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On Oct 23, 2012, at 10:58 PM, Bradley Giesbrecht <pixilla at> wrote:
> The question was pretty vague. Video editing is generally a IO and CPU intensive workflow and I cannot imagine very many cases where virtualization would make a video editor happy.
> In my opinion if the user wants to pass up the many good native Mac video editing workflows then he should go straight to bootcamp.

I agree, although the partitioning requirements are a major drawback. Get the size right the first time. If you have to resize later, you'll need a 3rd party resize utility: Winclone, Camptune, or iPartition, that explicitly knows how to resize JHFS+/X and NTFS, and knows how to edit hybrid MBR and GPT partition tables. Various message boards are littered with users who try to do this with Apple's tools, and end up experiencing significant data loss. And naturally the standard regimen people are told in this situation is: nuke the drive, reinstall os x, reinstall windows, restore data from backups.

So yeah virtualization is an option, with very limited performance since the VM 3D acceleration passthrough isn't so great. And then with Bootcamp it's partition hell, and Apple supplies old drivers for Windows (so you're better off tracking them down yourself). So really you're better off just sticking with OS X video editing software, or getting a dedicated PC.

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