Is Goldendict available for Macports?

Jamie Paul Griffin jamie at
Sat Sep 1 05:00:32 PDT 2012

[ Davor Cubranic wrote on Fri 31.Aug'12 at 14:25:39 -0700 ]

> Goldendict is not a Macport, is it? So you should contact Goldendict developers for help on compiling under OS X.
> The error below is caused by not having Phonon installed. The fact that you didn't recognize that makes me think you're getting in way over your head and should look for someone who can sit with you and help you along, starting with setting up all the prerequisites.
> Davor
Realistically, who does have someone that will sit with someone trying to install software, isn't that what technical mailists are for. I appreciate that this particular software is not a Macport yet but the OP has come to the list for assistance which is related to using Macports so surely someone who subscribes to this list could provide some additional assistance. I see later in the thread somone has done that but your response is not especially helpful in my opinion.

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