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I am. Still, even with our sky-high prices on cellular phones and internet access, there are still a few, independant providers that DON'T put any cap. Montreal DSL is one, Teksavvy is another, Radioactif is a third, Acanac is a 4th. They all resell ADSL, and some are selling cap-less Internet access by cable, where ADSL is not feasible, and don't tie you in a time-defined contract.

Considering a GB of data costs less than 0.15¢ to transmit, even doubling the cap for $20 amounts to grand theft IMHO.

But I completely understand your point about the email address. This is the single reason why I never relied on any ISP-provided address, but opted to use a paid-for eMail service. Free services such as Yahoo! and GMail just don't cut it. As an example, you can get an adress for around $10 a year, unlimited storage, SSL-secured, unlimited attachments, no advertisements, IMAP/POP/SMTP access + calendar functionality. I believe you can get the same functionality if you buy hosting from OVH.

My address is in Canada, but my server is in Switzerland. North American hosting services just aren't competitive compared to european ones, plus the US has no privacy laws whatsoever, which is a major concern when dealing with eMail. Last, if you don't receive emails from companies you can't even remember their name, likely it's not very important if they lose your address ;)


Le 23 août 2012 à 22:01, Craig Treleaven a écrit :

> Wish I could!  From you email address, I presume you're in Canada, too?  For anyone else following along, Canada has a handful of major providers--all of whom offer packages with miserably small caps for relatively high prices. Plus I've had this email address for 15+ years and it would be a pain to find and update all the places I've used it.
> Nonetheless, I did upgrade our internet service this week.  An extra $20 a month but it more than doubled our GB cap.  Hopefully that will hold us until I can send them off to school.  (Whereupon I'll commiserate with them about the high cost of internet service and try not to smirk!  ;)
> Craig
> At 9:25 PM -0400 8/23/12, pat at wrote:
>> Coming late:
>> IMHO I would find wiser to move to a decent ISP.
>> Le 31 juil. 2012 à 17:54, Craig Treleaven a écrit :
>>> Hi:
>>> I want to be able to monitor internet usage from my son's Mac*.  (Top 5 applications by MB transferred; maybe top 20 internet addresses, etc.)  I think there was a commit in the last couple of weeks to a port that did just that--but, of course, I can't find it now.
>>> Craig
>> > *We keep blowing through our GB cap and the overage charge was $50 on the last bill!!  Since there is 4 of us in the house, I've never been clear on how much data he uses.  Hover, he has been away at camp the last 4 weeks and our GB usage is down by 2/3!

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