Command-line ogg to mp3 converter

James Linder jam at
Mon Sep 3 17:48:52 PDT 2012

On 04/09/2012, at 3:00 AM, macports-users-request at wrote:

>>> Greetings :
>>> I'm looking for a command line ogg to mp3 converter for osx.
>> I imagine that ffmpeg would be the best bet; it can do just about anything.  
>> There's an example of converting an ogg file to mp3 with selective
>> copy of some of the metadata in the ffmpeg man page.
>> The command line options are sometimes quite non-obvious.  There
>> are GUIs built on top of ffmpeg, such as the one at
>>  I haven't looked at them in detail, to know
>> whether any of them would (like AIX's smit does when providing a
>> GUI or menu-driven way of performing administrative tasks) offer
>> the option of showing the command-line equivalent for future use.
>> And I don't know that any are in MacPorts.
>  Hi Richard :
>  I have received other recommendation for ffmpeg, so it is good to
>  hear your second and supporting opinion.
>  I will look into it.
>  FYI: I did find a perl utility call ogg2mp3. I believe you can
>  get it from, although I
>  was directed to a gentoo site for it.
>  It needs the ogg-vorbis port and it is extremely simple to work
>  with but doesn't seem like there is any direct control over where
>  the mp3 files are written. Although with a superior process
>  running it, that can be worked around.
>  Thanks again for the tip on ffmpgeg.

Of course all the comments about changing one lossy format to another. <bad results>
You should try to convert a non-lossy to a lossy ie wav to mp3, wav to ogg etc


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