xemacs fails to build with new libpng

Fielding, Eric J (3242) eric.j.fielding at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Sep 5 10:26:37 PDT 2012


Thanks for the suggestion, but this did not work for me yesterday. The
xemacs build still failed (after a lot of time recompiling things). Today,
the new update for xemacs (thanks to Dan Ports!) fixed it and all my ports
now build again. The new system of checking the binaries at the end caught
a partially built binary and fixed that also.


On 9/4/12 3:10 PM, "Jeremy Lavergne" <jeremy at lavergne.gotdns.org> wrote:

>> Now MacPorts won't let me deactivate libpng 1.5 because a number of
>>ports are depending on it. Is there a way to roll back all of the ports
>>to the versions that use libpng 1.4 while things are being sorted out?
>> The "xemacs" program is something I use all the time.
>The likely quick fix for this situation is to rebuild xemacs from source:
>sudo port clean xemacs
>sudo port -s upgrade --force xemacs
>If something more intensive than linking against the new libpng libraries
>needs done, then you should see about setting up a local repository
>checked out from before libpng's upgrade:

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