Cannot install port pear-Console_CommandLine

Michael Bakonyi m.bakonyi at
Wed Sep 12 06:54:40 PDT 2012


I'd like to install the port pear-php_uml but the installation fails as the installation of pear-Console_CommandLine seems to fail before. The port-installation fails with the following error within the bash:

--->  Configuring pear-Console_CommandLine
Error: org.macports.configure for port pear-Console_CommandLine returned: command execution failed
Error: Failed to install pear-Console_CommandLine

I couldn't find anything about this error in the web or on macports that's why I'm asking here. Which kind of messages in the error-log are interesting regarding this problem? The log contains several messages which could be responsible for the command execution failure but as I'm not very deep into Macports + compiling I don't know what to search for. Of course I could flood this mail with my complete error-log but maybe anyone already has an idea what might went wrong in this case..?

Before trying to install pear-php_uml I did a "port selfupdate" + also a "port upgrade outdated"

My system's a 10.7.4

Would appreciate very much some help if you need more infos I'll try to provide them.


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