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Clemens Lang cal at
Sat Sep 15 09:01:21 PDT 2012

On Sat, Sep 15, 2012 at 01:15:14PM +0100, Jamie Paul Griffin wrote:
> Ok, i'll give it a go. It will be my first attempt at doing this and I
> know i'm going to have issues

That's fine, you can always ask for help here or in the #macports IRC
channel on freenode (make sure to idle around, there's not always
somebody available immediately).

> I can't get spectrwm sources to compile on my Lion machine. I've used
> the forum to let them know, and they've released 2 or 3
> versions since I did that but they don't seem interested in porting
> the code to the Mac OS X platform. In the source code there is
> information about compiling on Leopard 10.5 but that's all there is
> relating to OS X. seems to have some
information on what needs to be done to get this working with OS X, but
then I can already see the instructions are not completely correct,
because the changes in the Makefile described there should probably also
include changing the library's name to libswmhack.$(LVERS).dylib.

Clemens Lang

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