SyCoCa - Fixing broken KDE apps

Jamie Paul Griffin jamie at
Thu Sep 20 06:53:56 PDT 2012

[ Ian Wadham wrote on Thu 20.Sep'12 at 14:42:56 +1000 ]

> It appears that kbuildsycoca4 is run every time KDE starts up.  A process called kded
> (KDE daemon) runs it as part of several other duties, but I am not suggesting that
> kded should be ported to Apple …  Maybe it would work to run kbuildsycoca4 via
> System Preferences->Users & Groups->Login Items.  That is how I run kdeinit4.
> I have started a thread on kde-devel at called "When does kbuildsycoca4 run?".
> My guess is that there is more to solving the problems with KDE apps than running
> kbuildsycoca4 and I am seeking further answers over at kde-devel.  For example,
> Dr Konqui clashes with the Apple crash-processor somehow and only works some
> of the time.  Sometimes it fails to run at all and sometimes I have to Force Quit it.
> Cheers, Ian W.

So these issues you're experiencing are not headaches? and are not a pain in the arse? Even on other platforms it's a nightmare most of the time and really not worth the hassle IMO. Apple's Aqua desktop is nice as it is, why on earth would you want to bother putting KDE on it anyway?

FreeBSD and NetBSD which I use as well, work perfectly well with simple Window Managers such as spectrwm, these bloated desktops are a headache there's no question about that. They take an age to compile and invariably quite a lot of their components don't work without an enormous amount of time consuming effort to put right, as you are experiencing now. So I feel mine and others' comments are perfectly valid. 

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