Strange system log error related to Macports

Clemens Lang cal at
Fri Sep 21 00:46:45 PDT 2012

On Fri, Sep 21, 2012 at 04:30:15PM +0900, Derek Ashley Thomas wrote:
> I was immediately bombared by rampant macports related error messages
> that come in every 20-30 seconds. A snipped is here:

Apparently you have started an rsync daemon. Since you didn't notice
that before, I assume you don't really need the daemon? In this case
  sudo port unload rsync
should make the messages stop and no longer start the rsyncd. This
process is not needed for MacPorts to work correctly and it is not
started automatically by MacPorts.

> What could be causing this error "syntax or usage error"? And more
> importantly, how can it be corrected?

I'm guessing rsyncd is started with the
--config=/opt/local/etc/rsyncd.conf option, but this files doesn't
exist. You can copy it from /opt/local/etc/rsyncd.conf.example if you
need it.

Clemens Lang

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