anything in MacPorts to repair JPEG images?

Clemens Lang cal at
Tue Sep 25 09:35:21 PDT 2012


On Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 06:29:33AM -0500, Jim Graham wrote:
> I copied them back, and that's when I saw them display correctly for a
> fraction of a second, and then have the bottom 80% or so go to noise,
> and last night, re-formatted the CF card

If I ask my crystal ball about this problem, here's what it tells me:
They display correctly for a fraction of a second because what you're
actually seeing is a low-resolution preview image embedded in the JPEG.
As soon as your image viewer loads the full JPEG and stops showing the
thumbnail image you see what's left of the image, because it has been
truncated (some viewers interpret missing data as gray and will show
only the top of the image, where data is available).

It's hard to tell what's wrong without actually seeing the image, but
that's what your problem sounds like to me. foremost is still worth a
shot, though.

Clemens Lang

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