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Thu Sep 27 14:40:47 PDT 2012

Thanks.  From the Schedule screen, if you press the space bar or 
return, it will bring up the recording rule editor and allow you to 
select a variety of options for your recording rule.  Lots of good 
information in the official docs:


At 5:27 PM -0400 9/27/12, Monty Lewis wrote:
>Oh, sorry. To answer your questions, I'm using an older Mac Pro with 
>System 10.8.2 and an HDHomerun prime with a cable card.
>I'm not sure I have any recording rules set up. I'm just going to 
>the program guide and telling it to record a program.
>On Sep 27, 2012, at 5:05 PM, Craig Treleaven <ctreleaven at> wrote:
>>  Glad it is working now.  Just for interest, which Mac model and OS
>>  version are you running.  What tuner(s)?  Using antenna or a cableco?
>>  What kind of recording rule have you set up?  Record at any time on
>>  any channel is usually the best option.  The backend log should
>>  indicate why a recording failed.  Look around the time the recording
>>  was supposed to start.
>>  Did you know the backend has a mini web server built in?  The address
>>  for mine is -- obviously you need to
>>  substitute the ip address of your backend machine.  With it, you can
>>  quickly check what your tuners are currently doing, see upcoming
>>  scheduled recordings, and any jobs that the backend is running.  See
>>  Information>Backend Status.  Some of the other bits are experimental
>>  (HLS) or not functional (Hardware Profile) on the Mac, though.
>>  Craig
>>  At 4:42 PM -0400 9/27/12, Monty Lewis wrote:
>>>  Craig, Thanks! That new install worked and MythFrontend runs as
>>>  expected. I just have one problem to figure out. I'm not getting any
>>>  recordings and I'm not finding any error messages anywhere.

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