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Wed Apr 3 06:50:02 PDT 2013

On Wed, Apr 3, 2013 at 1:18 AM, Ned Deily <nad at> wrote:
> Also make sure you don't have a permissions problem.  If you did a "sudo
> pip install", the created directories and files may not be world
> readable and executable.   Check and, if necessary, alter the
> permissions of the packages you installed:

Also, I think it's generally a bad idea to let pip install stuff into
the MacPorts prefix. Now you've got two package managers dumping stuff
into the same directories. It's entirely possible that one of them
could delete or overwrite files that were being managed by the other
system and now you've got broken dependencies.

Instead, you can tell pip to install into your user prefix. This was
the first hit on Google:

Note the discussion regarding where the libraries will be installed
under different versions of python, which leads to how I'm managing
things with ~/.pip/pip.conf. I have:

> [install]
> build-directory = /tmp/pip/
> install-option = --prefix=~/local/

Then make sure that local prefix is in your path and you should be
good. There's also no need to use sudo with these options.

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