Best way to upgrade PHP 5.3 to 5.4

Tim Johnson tim at
Fri Apr 19 11:49:59 PDT 2013

* Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> [130418 20:15]:
> >  Null response from grep, so this is a 'native' install?
  Thanks again for the reply!

> Perhaps you're using the PHP that comes with OS X. Or perhaps you
> installed another copy somewhere.
  I'm pretty sure that it came with OS X. 

> Are you using PHP in a web server? If so, what web server? OS X's
> included copy of Apache 2 or something else? Its configuration
> file will no doubt have an entry for enabling PHP which should
> help you figure out where it is.
  Using Apache installed via macportss 
> >> If you want php 5.4 for use as an Apache module, you would:
> > 
> >> 	sudo port install php54-apache2handler
> > Understood, and previously would I invoke 
> > sudo port install php54
> Previously, you would use
> 	sudo port install php5 +apache2
> The php5 port is part of the "old" MacPorts PHP world. Instructions for the "old" way are part of this documentation:
> A year ago I rewrote PHP in MacPorts. The new MacPorts PHP world
> is composed of multiple ports with prefixes php53, php54 and php55
> to let you choose the version(s) you want to use. Our
> documentation still needs to be updated to explain these new
> ports.
> Aside from the Apache 2 module in the php54-apache2handler port,
> you also have the choice of using php54-cgi or php54-fpm; as I
> understand it, FPM is the "new hotness" for PHP:
  I _think_ I want php54-cgi 

  Yeah, probably no need on my workstation, which does not serve
  the outside world.

> The php54 port itself contains the command-line version of PHP and some support files, which you will get in any case.
  php 5.3~ (the 'native' install) is at /usr/bin. 
  I presume that php5 will be installed via macports to somewhere
  other than that - like /opt/local ? Thus, giving an easy roll-back

  So I need: 
  sudo port install php5 +php54-apache2handler +php54-cgi
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