MacPorts wants to install apple-gcc42 on 10.6 all of a sudden?

Chris Jones jonesc at
Mon Apr 22 10:00:23 PDT 2013


> You could set a default variant (say +mpclang33, for example) and then any port you install that offers that variant would do what you wanted. (Ironic twist:  only one port--atlas--offers a mpclang33 variant!  gcc46 is more common, there are 106 ports with that variant.  You can see them with 'port list variants:gcc46'.)

yes. and no…. other ports use the more standard 'clangXY' variant naming (to match the gccXY names).

Chris-Jones-Macbook-Pro ~ > port list variants:clang33
atlas                          @3.10.1         math/atlas
root                           @5.34.06        science/root
root                           @5.34.05        science/root
shogun                         @2.1.0          math/shogun

it appears atlas does as well… so it has both mpclang33 and clang33 ….


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