Fwd: Minimising MacPorts Internal Disk Usage

Bob M urilabob at gmail.com
Fri Aug 16 17:45:42 PDT 2013

Thank you Sterling, Ryan, Lawrence, Chris - I have followed your
suggestions, moving the whole of the macports build tree and changing
portdbpath as suggested by Lawrence, then cleaning up inactive
installs as suggested by Chris and Ryan (I hit minor problems with
py2x-distribute in a few cases, had to 'port -u uninstall' it because
of spurious dependencies - I'm mentioning this so it's google-able). I
have successfully done a 'port upgrade outdated', I've been able to
move back some directories to the mac that I had previously had to
remove - and still have 11GB free!

I deeply thank you for your helpfulness, it's really appreciated. Now
does anyone know about booting fedora from an lvm install on a
software RAID array 8^).

      Best Wishes

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