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Jeremy Lavergne jeremy at
Tue Aug 20 19:14:31 PDT 2013

Definitely pass it along, but ecdsa sounds like public key. Is it just elliptic curves it shuts off?

Stubbs Jeff <jeff at> wrote:
>Hi All,
>Wanted to integrate DomainKeys with the firm's Postfix mail server. So
>when I spotted the openDKIM port in the repository, I tried to install
>the dependencies first. The ldns port failed first attempt. Running the
>install command in verbose mode, I noticed that it was failing in the
>configure phase while checking for an option in the OpenSSL library.
>Added "--disable-ecdsa" to the config.args line in the Portfile. Second
>attempt successfully installed the port. Stepped up a level, and tried
>to install the unbound port. That failed for the same reason. Hacked
>the unbound Portfile, modifying the config.arg line to add the same
>option. Successful install. I hacked the openDKIM port to change to the
>latest version and modified the checksum. It successfully installed on
>the first try.
>I'm going to start testing the system shortly, but was curious if any
>one was able to install the ports without modification?
>System Info: 1.25 GHz G4 Mini, OS 10.5.8, MacPorts 2.2.0
>If testing goes well, here's the mods I made to the Portfiles.
>ldns port:
>added "--disable-ecdsa" to the config.args line
>modified the deployment target to "macosx_deployment_target 10.5"
>(Don't know why I modified the target, but it didn't have any visible
>unbound port:
>added "--disable-ecdsa" to the config.args line
>modified version to 2.8.4
>modified checksums.
>Should I pass along this info to the maintainers?
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