How to make c++ realize empty character constant ''?

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> However, the GNU compiler is also capable to select the proper language
> and use the proper tools for compillation, so GNU's cpp will compile… I
> believe Fortran, or even Java, if the proper alternative GNU compiler
> present. I've never used this capability this extremely though, and not
> aware wether other compilers are capable to do so.

No, what's actually happening is that `-traditional` is being passed; this
causes gcc and its cpp to behave like the old AT&T Portable C Compiler that
was available on older commercial Unix systems, so that it can compile
pre-ANSI (sometimes called "K&R") C code. PCC's cpp was a straight textual
substitution macro processor that did not understand the syntax of what it
was substituting; ANSI C compilers cannot use that kind of macro processor.

The -traditional option to gcc and its cpp exists only to support pre-ANSI
(K&R) C code. It happens to also be abusable (at least in its present form)
to work with non-C languages, but not even the gcc developers advise this
use. It is not reliable, it is not guaranteed to work with non-C code, and
it is not guaranteed to be available even in future versions of gcc (there
is not a lot of pre-ANSI C code around any more).

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