python package using a Fortran library

Clemens Lang cal at
Thu Jul 18 03:29:00 PDT 2013


On Thu, Jul 18, 2013 at 11:18:24AM +0200, Michael Wimmer wrote:
> Somehow my original question resulted in quite a debate about
> fundamental issues which I certainly did not intend ...

Sorry for going down that road, I just wanted to make sure nobody tries
to "do the right thing" and creates an even larger mess ;)

> 1. Compile the python extensions using the macports gcc.
> Pro: I can link easily against the fortran library and
>      libgfortran.
> Con: Possibly a compatibility problem as the extension is
>      compiled with a different compiler than python itself. In
>      practice, this however rarely seems to be a problem. For example,
>      py-scipy is compiled with the gcc compilers.

That's the solution I'd favor. If py-scipy can do it, other ports can,

Clemens Lang

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