py27-scipy upgrade building error

Michael Dickens michaelld at
Fri Jul 26 05:38:06 PDT 2013

On Fri, Jul 26, 2013, at 06:25 AM, Degang Wu wrote:
> mountain lion 10.8.4
> I have attached the log

Hi Degang - For some reason, SciPy is being -partly- built as
+universal, even though that should not be allowed since the Portfile
specifies "universal_variant no".  In situations such as this, I tend to
believe that there's some residual cruft causing this sort of issue, and
hence I recommend doing the following:

sudo port clean py27-scipy
sudo port selfupdate
sudo port upgrade outdated

and if that does not work, then:

sudo port clean py27-scipy
sudo port install py27-scipy +gcc44


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