Wine 1.6.0 with native Mac OS X driver

Michael Parson mparson at
Fri Jul 26 09:36:03 PDT 2013

Is this possible with Macports?  It's listed as a new feature, but there
are no listed variants to Wine, and building it straight up builds the
X11 stuff.

Since Gimp and Inkscape now build with gtk2 +quartz, I would like to
also be able to have Wine installed using the new native stuff, since I
can't have both the Quartz and X11 versions of GTK2 active at the same

--->  Fetching distfiles for gtk2
--->  Verifying checksums for gtk2
--->  Extracting gtk2
--->  Applying patches to gtk2
--->  Configuring gtk2
--->  Building gtk2
--->  Staging gtk2 into destroot
--->  Installing gtk2 @2.24.20_0+universal+x11
--->  Deactivating gtk2 @2.24.20_0+quartz
--->  Cleaning gtk2
--->  Activating gtk2 @2.24.20_0+universal+x11
--->  Cleaning gtk2

Or did I miss a step somewhere?

Michael Parson
Austin, TX

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