Building a local subport

Freek Dijkstra software at
Wed Jul 31 12:42:19 PDT 2013


I've just created a Portfile for a python module, and like to test this.
My normal action is just cd to the folder where the Portfile is located
and type "port build".

However, I'm getting an error:
> --->  Computing dependencies for py-pypdf2
> Error: Dependency 'py27-pypdf2' not found.

I realised I don't want to build py-pypdf2 but rather py27-pypdf2. How
do I specify the Python version to use? "port build py27-pypdf2" seems
to check the Port database, and ignores the local folder.


PS: This is actually an update of the existing package "py-pypdf" which
is at version 1.13. According the the homepage of that package, the
project is continued by different people under a new name, "PyPDF2" and
is now at version 1.17.

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