Xtides: running xttpd

Dan Hinckley dbh at suiattle.org
Sun Jun 2 06:53:41 PDT 2013

Xtides (Macport) is installed and running but I cannot seem to get its www server running.

port contents xtide
Port xtide contains:

Both tide and xtide run fine from the command line and /opt/local/sbin is in my $PATH but following Dave Flater's directions for setting up and starting the xttpd do not appear to work; no entry appears in the OSX Activity Monitor, for example.

> xttpd is an XTide web server.  It provides web-based access to XTide's tide predictions by allowing a web browser to speak directly to the XTide program in HTTP.  xttpd can replace httpd or it can co-exist with one.  Usage:  xttpd [port] [...other xtide settings switches...].
> If you run xttpd with no command line arguments, it will assume that it is replacing httpd and try to bind port 80.  If you want it to co-exist with an existing server, or if you do not have privilege to get port 80, give it the port number as the first command line argument:
> % xttpd 8080

I'm running this locally on OSX Snow Leopard and my Apache httpd is running.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Dan Hinckley         ⎈
dbh at suiattle.org

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