Macports 2.2.0-beta1

Clemens Lang cal at
Thu Jun 13 03:32:49 PDT 2013

On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 11:30:33AM +0100, Steve Powell wrote:
> > : port version
> Version: 2.1.3
> > : port list macports
> MacPorts                       @2.2.0-beta1    sysutils/MacPorts
> Why did the beta version get downloaded when I didn't ask for it?

What makes you think the beta version was downloaded? What you see in
`port list macports` is just what could be installed, if you ran `port
install macports`. However,

> Am I running the beta version or not?

The "MacPorts" port is only used to build the binary installer packages
that will be available for download from the website. Changes in the
MacPorts port do not affect your MacPorts installation. Only selfupdate
will change your version of base. You are thus /not/ running the beta,
unless you manually installed it.

Clemens Lang

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