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>>>>> While download statistics might not be a good system, I do concur that MacPorts very much would benefit from having a "discovery" mechanism by which users find out about useful ports.  Searching is nice, but it's not discovery.  Some kind of "top ports" list (however implemented) would be useful, imho.
>>>> Personally, I fail to see how a 'top ports' list would tell me much. The ports i find essential are likely very different from others, so i don't see how using some sort of a list showing the most used ports would help me in any way in choosing new ones to install. Some ports likely have a low user base, but never less are critical to those that need them, such as more esoteric ports from the science section.
>>> +1
>>> let's say it turns out people download firefox a lot.
>>> then what?

I can't fathom this, how bizare, BUT it is the mac paradigsm - what are other people doing, is it good, can I have one?
My wife understands.

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