MacPorts and OpenMP---or how to build "everything" with MacPorts GCC?

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Fri Jun 21 03:54:39 PDT 2013

Dear all!

Thank you very much for your comprehensive answers! I will give the default_compilers switch a shot.

I realize that Clang has many advantages compared to GCC, it is just unfortunate that it lags behind on OpenMP. Let's hope that OpenMP will make it into Clang soon (and into the version Apple ships with OSX ...)!

> This is true, but only for single-architecture builds. FSF GCC still cannot create universal binaries, so switching configure.compiler to macports-gcc* or macports-dragonegg* instantly breaks universal builds for every port that doesn't use the muniversal PortGroup (and possibly some that do).

Just out of curiosity: Why are universal builds important for MacPorts? Since one builds everything on one's own machine anyways, wouldn't it suffice to compile just for that architecture?  I don't know how much build-bot power you require (and how you pay for it) to provide the binaries that you now provide, but providing both 32 and 64 bit binaries would at most require twice as much.

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