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Fri Jun 21 14:39:51 PDT 2013


I would like to test qwt (especially qwt60) here on my Snow Leopard. See also https://trac.macports.org/ticket/39495

As of now I have copied the example files folder 'examples' manually from the extracted distribution into a local folder of mine.

When I now check for existence of pri files:
$ port contents qwt60 | grep pri
I see only two appearing while e.g. examples.pri wants three:
QWT_ROOT = $${PWD}/..
include( $${QWT_ROOT}/qwtconfig.pri )
include( $${QWT_ROOT}/qwtbuild.pri )
include( $${QWT_ROOT}/qwtfunctions.pri )

So I copied all of that from the distribution
$ ls -1

In qwtconfig.pri I need to set
 QWT_INSTALL_PREFIX = /opt/macports-test
to my prefix 
		all is running smoothly!!! :)

BUT I guess this whole procedure is only meant to be used with the example files…

I figure that all three pri files need to be installed in the features directory right?
I guess I am just missing something here...

Has anyone perhaps some simple example code which demonstrates how to actually make use of qwt's features out of the box on the Mac?


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