Backup Script for Mac OS X experiences?

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Tue Mar 19 16:07:41 PDT 2013

On Mar 19, 2013, at 15:48 , Ian Wadham < at> wrote:
> For an active database, that might be *all* the files in their entirety.  I think most
> database systems have inbuilt backup options, such as whole database (infrequently),
> transaction log (more frequently) or actual files (which might be in an inconsistent
> state at the moment a Time Machine type of backup finishes).

I would appreciate some kind of definitive reference to explain whether TM automatically flushes “standard” system databases or not as part of the its procedure when running on Server, and the extent to which the inconsistency problem could impact recovering from a disk failure, again, only for the standardly included server functions.

I have had only one instance so far in which I recovered from a failed drive using a TM backup, and it worked flawlessly, but that server (still running 10.6) is way underused, pretty much as a file server and DNS secondary, so there probably wasn't any database activity to speak of.

By the way, it's a Mac Mini, and I use the first drive for the system and the second one for the TM backups. I also connect a FW drive from time to time and use CCC to make a snapshot of the system.

I have from time to time written scripts that flush databases periodically to a backup location, but in truth, have never needed to use those backups.

Greg Shenaut
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