Checksum mismatch for offlineimap-6.5.4

Richard Cobbe cobbe at
Sun Mar 31 12:41:42 PDT 2013

(Port maintainers CCd.)

I'm trying to install offlineimap-6.5.4 from source (10.8.3, XCode 4.6.1),
and I'm getting a checksum mismatch for offlineimap-6.5.4.tbz2.

I've followed the directions at
<> as best I can, and it's a
consistent problem.

According to the build logs, I'm trying to download the source bundle from

I happened to have the source tarball from a previous install on a
different machine, so I copied it over, put it in
/opt/local/var/macports/distfiles/offlineimap, changed the owner
appropriately, and the package built and installed just fine.

As best I can tell, it looks like the upstream author made a cosmetic
change to the tarball without bumping the version number.  In the old
tarball (i.e., the one with the expected checksums), the top-level
directory is spaetz-offlineimap-c9e9690.  But in the new tarball, the
top-level directory is OfflineIMAP-offlineimap-c9e9690.  If I run "diff -r"
on these two directories, the contents check out as identical.

I've found the project page on github and poked around a little bit, but I
don't know enough about that system to be able to find the place to
download tarballs.  So I can't tell you, for instance, when the upstream
author made this change.

What's the next step?  Should I open a Trac ticket for this?



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