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Mon Nov 4 06:51:30 PST 2013

I have an old version of fontforge, which was installed using a pkg installer. 
It had been been working fine, but now crashes during start-up. 
I can't think what I may have changed to cause this, save that I recently installed Macports and completed a MyPaint port. 
In any event, I am considering trying a fresh port installation of fontforge. 

Do I need to uninstall the current (non-working) version of fontforge?

How do I decide which variant to install?
fontforge has the variants:
   freetype_bytecode: Enable support for bytecode interpreter
   python26: Enable Python support (Python 2.6)
     * conflicts with python27
   python27: Enable Python support (Python 2.7)
     * conflicts with python26
   universal: Build for multiple architectures
   with_freetype_bytecode: Legacy compatibility variant
     * requires freetype_bytecode

Assuming I wish to install the universal variant is
"sudo port install fontforge" the correct instruction, and/or
do I need to invoke or negate any variants?

Many thanks.


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