Links - Graphics not enabled when compiling

Ádám Juhász jadaml at
Sun Nov 24 06:11:21 PST 2013

If I remember right, when I tried to use graphics with Links I tried it on
openSUSE and on it¹s virtual terminal (bypassing X11) with no success.
However this isn¹t possible on a Mac anyways, because it does not have a
virtual terminal.

On the other hand iTerm‹as far as I know‹does not support graphics beyond
font selection and more finer tweaking of it.
I¹m sorry, I didn¹t wanted to plant false hope, I just thought I share this
feature of iTerm, and also I believe it is a great Terminal emulator and so
it is worthwhile to be mentioned.

The closest bet I could give is to use the X11 variant and run it with

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Thanks, Juhasz.  I installed iTerm2 and it works perfectly with the mouse.

Any ideas on how to compile with graphics support?


On Sun, Nov 24, 2013 at 1:24 PM, Juhász Ádám <jadaml at> wrote:
> iTerm supports mouse input which is available ín the MacPorts.

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