Installed MacPorts 2.2.1, now to install Octave & dependencies

Patrick Hinkle avmac1983 at
Tue Nov 26 12:56:49 PST 2013

I have installed the MacPorts 2.2.1 package and am interested in installing
Octave and its dependencies.  I thought I saw somewhere that Octave
installs these dependencies automatically but that might have been an error.
I have downloaded Octave 3.4.6 in a folder in my /users directory and am
attempting to run it on Mavericks which I have heard has has a lot of
issues with compatibility.
The folders/files that I have in my /users directory are: 'man3-has files
like LAPACK, BLAS,etc, 'ports' which has a 'devel' folder among many
others, a 'Portfile.txt' that contains octave 3.2.4, also a 'readline', a
'gcc48', 'llvm-gcc48', gawk, and a 'math-BSD-atlas' set of Portfiles among
others which I could acquire.
I also have the 'octave 3.4.6' folder that contains many files and folders
for installation, make, run, etc.
I also have a 'general' folder and files, an 'audio' folder and files and a
Portfile.txt file for DSDP.
I believe that some combination of these files or file types must be
installed, compiled, built and run to use Octave from the command line or
from Xcode which I use regularly.
Any suggestions on how to bring these tools together to use Octave would be
greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time,
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