Macports is now group 'owner' of most of my files. Wierd.

Adrian Simmons adrinux at
Wed Nov 27 07:37:39 PST 2013


Just debugging an ssh connection problem and happened to look at my 
~/.ssh folder only to find most of the folders and files now have the 
group ownershop set to 'macports'. Then looked higher up my tree and 
find most of my home folder is set to group 'macports' and a step 
further up the hierarchy shows that all users on the system have their 
home folders set to user:group or username:macports instead of 
username:wheel or whatever it is osx uses these days.

I'm thinking this might be a group id number collsion or something, and 
that it's probably fixable with a shell script. Also thinking it doesn't 
seem to cause any apparent problems...but still it's worrying.

So questions:
Anyone else seen this?
Anyone else had to fix this?

The problem even seems to extend to other disks and drive partitions...

Yours confusedly,

adrinx at

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