Macports is now group 'owner' of most of my files. Wierd.

Adrian Simmons adrinux at
Wed Nov 27 12:50:10 PST 2013

On 27/11/2013 16:40, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> I would be curious to know how this problem arose in the first place. Seems hard to believe we could have been creating the group with the same id as an existing group. Also seems hard to believe that the migration assistant would have caused this. For now I remain confused.
I think the last proper clean install I did was for 10.7, for 10.8 and 
10.9 I've just upgraded in place. I did end up reinstalling macports 
using the pkg installer for 10.9. Point being that I probably had old 
macports user/group hanging around, which seems to be a prerequisite for 
this occuring.

Did try digging about with Time Machine, but the relevant file in 
/private/var/db/dslocal/nodes/Default/groups doesn't list the primary 
ID. So have no idea how long its been like this.

I finally managed to hunt down where macports would have checked for and 
added the macports user/group to the postinstall script in the pkg 
So in the end I extracted the relevent bit of code into a script, gist 

Deleted the macports user and group with 
/System/Library/CoreServices/Directory and then ran that 
script. I've ended up with macports user and group both having a primary 
ID of 502, instead of 20 and file group ownership is now showing as 
'staff' again as it should do all over my /User folders.

I should probably add this solution to that trac issue.

adrinx at

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