[Macports] QT5 For Mac port (py33_qt5 ???)

Timothy W. Grove tim_grove at sil.org
Tue Oct 1 13:54:52 PDT 2013

Are you involved in the python version as well? I have an application 
which uses the py33_qt4 port, and was considering the move to Qt5 to get 
access to some of it's multimedia libraries. Anyone working on a 
py33_qt5 port?? No hassle, just curious at this point.


On 11/07/2013 14:51, Michael Dickens wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 11, 2013, at 05:14 AM, Conrad Taylor wrote:
>> Hi, I was wondering, is there a qt5-mac port in the works?  Well, I must go and thanks in advance for any information that you can provide.
> Hi Conrad - I'm cc'ing the overall dev and user's groups, since it seem
> that there are a number of folks interested in this topic with the
> recent 5.1 release.
> Yes, I've been working on a qt5 port off and on for a while now; I know
> of nobody else doing this, but maybe others are.  That said, don't hold
> your breath on it being done anytime soon (at least by me).  Qt 5.0.X
> was next to impossible for me to compile on OSX using MacPorts (or,
> others I've talked with; clearly the Qt folks did it, somehow); it had
> all sorts of issues in the build code that eventually became
> overwhelming to keep up with (100's of patches, which makes me believe
> there was some other issue going on).  I haven't tried the 5.1 series
> yet, but it's on my queue once I get some other ports done.  Quite
> honestly, it's not a high priority for me because (1) Qt 4.8 does what I
> need; and (2) Qt is a real pain to maintain -- so, me keeping qt4-mac
> going has been quite enough on top of my other ports.  I have a number
> of tickets related to qt3 and qt4, which maybe some day will come up on
> my queue, but they are low priority as well.
> All of that said, and if I may be so bold: I'm open to the arrangement
> that some person or company financially support my effort to bring qt5
> to fruition (and/or support work for qt3 and qt4).  This arrangement is
> already in place for some other ports that I maintain, and I'm in
> discussion for some others.  MacPorts is a great piece of software, and
> many of its developers are already remunerated for (at least part of)
> the work they do (e.g., by the company they work for; by some outside
> contract -- either of which has an interest in some specific ports).
> For us independent contractors, it takes time to do upkeep and
> maintenance of ports that we use, so bringing in "ongoing support and
> maintenance" contracts is our version of what those employed developers
> are doing -- they generally do not pay a lot, but the pay is
> incrementally sufficient for each contract.  To be fair, there are also
> a number of folks who do this because they want to, with no financials
> in mind (at least directly; I think if someone offered them a contract
> to do what they do already, they would seriously consider it).
> Enough said on that topic. The bottom line is that I don't know when
> I'll get to working on qt5; I welcome someone else doing it, if anyone
> is up to the task.  Sorry for the "downer" news. - MLD
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