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> I don't want to distribute, but there is no Mac pkg available for this
> (latest) version of mypaint. As the earlier version has serious
> functional deficits (no pressure sensitivity) I am glad to make it
> available. However, I am not sure how or where to do this. I have
> posted a note on a mypaint forum. Perhaps someone will tell me.

MacPorts isn't really set up for making packages like this; you would want
the mpkg target (not pkg; mpkg gets you all the dependencies as well,
without which the installed package would not work on systems that don't
have the same dependency ports installed in the same places), and a bunch
of stuff under /opt/local will be included (meaning people installing it
will not be able to reliably use MacPorts themselves).

Proper app bundles would relocate the dependencies into the app bundle,
rewriting dylibs to use the appropriate bundle-local paths and changing any
other dependencies (e.g. configuration files for dependency libraries) to
look in the bundle instead of their normal standalone location; MacPorts
can't help you with this; nor can any other package system.

If you really must use MacPorts to build an Installer package, create a
separate MacPorts installation containing just the minimal necessary
packages and rooted somewhere that won't collide with other package systems
(Fink uses /sw, Homebrew uses /usr/local) or system directories (so putting
it under e.g. /Library would be a bad idea).

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